Things to Do

There is a huge variety of things to do and occupy visitors to this beautiful region of the Algrave.

If your particular preference is not listed below, just drop me a line and I will get all the details for you.


Praia da Senhora da Rocha and Praia NovaPraia da Senhora da Rocha & Praia Nova

These two excellent beaches are just 15 minutes walk from the apartment.

It is downhill all the way, so be ready for a little climb when coming home.

Sun shades and water-sports available daily during the summer.



Praia de AlbandeiraPraia de Albandeira

Vale de Engenhos approx 39 min (3.3 km) walk.

Swimming & snorkeling spot in a cove with clear water, a quaint sandy beach & rock formations.



Praia MarinhaPraia da Marinha

Carvoeiro approx 51 min (4.1 km) walk.

This beach has some of the most amazing rock formations.

Walk along the cliff tops or take the stairway carved out of the stone leading down to the beach.





Praia de Benagil

Benagil a good 1 h 7 min (5.5 km) walk, not for the casual walker

Discover the most exotic beach in the world, Benagil Caves. Travel alone or with a group of friends and book a boat just for you.

The small boat goes inside of the most magical place in the world; visit about 30 caves, sea grottoes and deserted beaches.